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2018-09-17 00:00:47 Author: CPMALL

The required materials to settle in 

1, a copy of the business license: the need to complete a valid annual inspection and the goods sold are within the scope of business. 

2. A copy of the tax registration certificate: national tax or local tax can be used, and the tax registration certificate with the seal of the IRS is uploaded first. 

3. The copy of the organization code certificate: The code certificate of the organization must be inspected annually. The annual inspection requirements are consistent with the annual inspection requirements of the business license. If there is an irregular annual (non-normal annual) annual inspection Of the local policy, a copy of the government document must be issued. Stamped with the official seal of the supplier. 

4. General taxpayer qualification certificate: Scanner general taxpayer certificate If the taxpayer is in the counseling period, you need to issue the "Counseling Period Business Letter" template of our company template. 

5, corporate identity card: front and back scan. 

Certificate of invoicing limit 

1. In principle, the certificate of invoicing limit is: the "Invoice Approval Form" issued by the taxation department, which is the certificate of approval issued by the tax authorities when the supplier applies for the invoicing after obtaining the tax registration certificate. Limit approval form must be accompanied by the stamp of the tax bureau. 

2. If the "Invoice Approval Form" is not available, the tax authorities at the supplier's location may issue relevant information. The specific template is not limited, but the certificate must be clearly defined and the local tax stamp should be affixed. 

3. None of the above can be provided. The billing limit information printed by the Golden Tax System can be entered into by the supplier's gold tax card. 

The brand qualification must be within the validity period 

1. Self-owned brand: upload trademark registration certificate or registration application acceptance notice (if you have changed, transferred or renewed, please provide the certificate of change, transfer and renewal issued by the General Administration of Trademark. ).