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2018-09-17 00:00:48 Author: CPMALL

Imported goods 
1. If you are importing goods, you only need to submit a copy of the Customs import customs declaration form of the People's Republic of China within one year.  

The following products need to provide test reports (each brand must Provide at least one test report issued by a third-party authority, the content of the finished product test report must include the brand name, product name and the following mandatory items corresponding to each product) The necessary test items are as follows:  
1. Men's and women's wear / bra / body suit / children's wear / maternity wear / socks: ingredient content, GB18401 complete set, logo.  
2, infants and young children under three years old: ingredients content, GB18401 full set, logo, appearance quality,Color fastness to saliva. 
3, home service / thermal underwear: composition content, GB18401 complete set, logo, appearance quality, washing dimensional change rate.  
4, down clothing: ingredient content, GB18401 complete set, logo, appearance quality, cashmere, amount of cashmere, type identification .  
. 5, Leather / Fur Clothing: Friction Color fastness (only Leather), Leather tearing Force (Leather only), formaldehyde Content, decomposable Aromatic amine Dyes, Logos, Quality Appearance, Material's Identification.  
6. The Knitwear: Ingredients, GB18401 Complete SET, Logo  
gloves, tie / bow / hat tie / hat / handkerchief / scarf / scarves / shawls / fabric / wool: GB18401 full set, and logo.  

1, GB18401 full set includes: water color fastness, perspiration fastness, dry rubbing fastness, formaldehyde, PH value, odor, decomposable aromatic amine dye.  
2, products with fillers (except for down) need to check the "material requirements", leather (shoes, belts, gloves) need to check the "material identification."  
3, type identification, mainly refers to "goose and duck down type identification."  
4, clothing categories across footwear bags, home textiles, maternal and child children's clothing and Other categories, need to provide cross-category product testing report (issued by a third-party authoritative testing agency).