Anti-Spill Suction Mug

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Product introduction

The mug has a suction base, making it difficult to tip over if knocked by accident. Use on all flat and non-porous surfaces, such as desks or tables knowing that the clever grip-pad at the base will help reduce spillage occurrence. In order to lift the mug, ensure that you lift straight up. If you try to lift at an angle, in trying to stick to the table the mug may jerk away; causing the contents to spill. The product comes with a lid which is removable for drinking. The lid is fitted with a silicone seal to further reduce spillage potential when on the move and for security on surfaces in busy environments and around the home.

This mug has not been specifically designed for persons with limited dexterity; keeps the mug in place even when you push the side.

  • Lift straight up using the handle to take a sip
  • Will not tip over if you accidentally knock into it.
  • Contents are kept hot with the double wall insulation
  • Stainless Steel inner with lid included

Please note: The mechanism is designed to move slightly to create the vacuum - which gives the mug its stability. To ensure optimum performance and to allow the mechanism to function correctly, when washing do not leave immersed in water and dry standing the right way up.

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