Bathroom Automatic Soap Dispenser

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Product introduction

[Touch-Free Soap Dispenser] - This is a touch-free soap dispenser that can also be used to prevent bacterial contamination. You don't need to touch the soap dispenser to reduce bacterial infections and maximize your family's health. The proper distance between the hand and the sensor is 2-3 inches, pumping 1 ml of liquid each time.

[Sensitive Sensor Design] - This soap dispenser has built-in anti-infrared interference design and sensor detection technology. The upgraded sensor can extend its life and sensitivity, so you can get hand sanitizer quickly. 400ML large capacity, can be used for a long time, the front window shows the amount of soap in the soap dispenser.

[Waterproof and Durable] - waterproof soap dispenser with a waterproof base to help extend the life of the soap dispenser, prevent the battery case from being immersed in water, no soap leaking to the battery In the warehouse to prevent soap or water from corroding the circuit board.

[Scope of Use] - Compatible with all kinds of conventional dish soap, liquid hand or body lotion, in order to prevent the nozzle from remaining, please make sure that your liquid is not too strong; hand soap dispenser can be used in kitchen, bathroom, hotel, hospital No wall mounting required.

[Operating Instructions] - Rotate the cover on the bottom of the product, insert a 4 x AAA 1.5V battery (the battery is not included in the shipment), and then close the cover. Press the button at the bottom and you will see the light flashing. Now that the device is working properly, the blue light above will light up when the soap is being taken.


-- Easy to add - no custom soap needed!

-- IPX6 waterproof rating & waterproof base

-- Intelligent infrared sensor technology for no touch

-- The amount of remaining soap can be observed


> Rotate the lid on the bottom of the soap dispenser. Insert 4 AAA 1.5V batteries and close the lid.

> Press the button at the bottom. You will see the light flashing. The device is now working properly.

> Open the upper case on the body to add liquid.

> When you use it for the first time, please try it a few times. The liquid will then fill the hose and will come out.

> The distance between the hands and the sensor is approximately 5 cm (1.97 inches). Each time it will draw about 1 ML of liquid. If you need more liquid, please wait for about 2 seconds. Then more liquid will come out soon.


When the liquid level is low, please add liquid. Otherwise, the dispenser will not draw any liquid.

When the indicator is flashing, it indicates that the battery is low. Please replace the battery.

Do not shake the device to avoid serious damage.

If not used for a long time, remove the battery.

Please ensure that the liquid cover is installed securely. Otherwise the liquid will flow out.

This device is suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens.


Material: ABS

Capacity: 400ml

Size: 7*11.6*21.4cm/2.76*4.57*8.43inchs

Power supply mode: AAA battery x 4 (shipping does not include battery)

Rated voltage: DC/6V (1.5V*4)

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