Beginner: Crypto Fundamentals

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Product introduction

Beginner: Crypto Fundamentals

Welcome to KRYPTZ

Where Rewarding Knowledge awaits you. 

Do you miss the BITCOIN wave in 2017 where it goes up to $26,000. If you miss it, Do not be disheartened,

we got good news for you that the next wave is coming, Are you prepared?

Come and Join Us in our course Where you will be amaze

that you are able to hold all this asset at your fingertips.

Do you know?:

BITCOIN: YEAR 2009, Price $0.01, YEAR 2017, Price $26122

ETHEREUM: YEAR 2015, Price $0.74, YEAR 2018, Price $1934.26

RIPPLE: YEAR 2014, Price $0.005, YEAR 2018, Price $4.51

LITECOIN : YEAR 2013, Price $4.50, YEAR 2017 Price $439

AND many more cryptocurrency that have goes up in the recent years

In this course you will learn:

About Blockchain

About Cryptocurrency

Regulated and Trusted platforms

Understanding the functions in the platform

Depositing & Buying Cryptocurrency

**At the end of the course Participant will receive E-certificate***


ARC 380 Jln Besar, #14-04/05, Singapore 209000

Once Payment made do whatsapp your Full name & Contact No. at this NO : 


+6588897728 (KRYPTZ)



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